Who we are?


Maltex is limited liability company with polish capital which operates in the plastic industry for over 20 years.

Maltex is first of all people who create it – great team of individuals striving to develop best possible relationship between the client and the producer. We want to make sure that our brand is associated with quality and attention to detail.

The main activity of Maltex company is based on the production of household appliances under MALTEX AGD brand and also daily care and hygiene products both for children and infants under MALTEX BABY brand.


The MALTEX AGD brand holds a wide range of products necessary in every household. Buckets, toilet brushes, nail brushes, brooms, brushes and dustpans are products recognizable for their simplicity, functionality and rich colouring. High quality and reasonable price are the main factors distinguishing our products from the other items available on the market.

Maltex Baby products are designed based on guidelines from people with years of nursing experience, assuring their ergonomics and safety of use for both the baby and the parent.

MALTEX BABY is a brand recognizable by both the youngest customers and their parents. Bathtub stands, bath seats, nappy and water pails, changing pads and hardened changing pads. Bath sets provide maximum comfort and safety to your child, at the same time ensure full convenience to the caregivers. Child care accessories: potties, toilet seats and step up stools help children to start their potty training in the most comfortable and easy way. Maltex Baby brand products are compiled in the original collections – licensed or author with your own graphics and available in beautiful colours. Products intended for bathing are also specially marked so as to familiarize parents with the principles of kid’s safe bath. Maltex Baby brand products are available in many colours and are compiled in the original collections – both licensed and also Maltex own lines.