miska higieniczna antybakteryjna
miska_higieniczna_bezotworu_biala_etykietabpa-freemiska_piktogrammiska higieniczna antybakteryjnanaklejka antibacterialmade in poland
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Top and tail bowl with antibacterial formula


Top and Tail Bowl is a must have  in your baby’s daily care. It is made of high quality plastic and is BPA-free. The product has 3 practical compartments –  small one for soap and 2 bigger ones to keep water hygienically separate. Also it is ideal  as an organizer for cosmetics and accessories. The product is available in white color. Product with antibacterial formula



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Material composition


Dimensions L / W / H

27 cm/ 30,5 cm/ 10,5 cm

Quantity in packing unit

20 pcs

Quantity on pallet

1100 pcs

Pallet weight

260 kg

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