podest 2K antibacterial biały szare
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2-component step stool with antibacterial formula


2-component Step Stool by Maltex Baby is bigger and safer than other, similar products available on the market . Anti-slip rubber elements give it extra grip to the surface. Step stool comes in various colours and with number of child-friendly decals and it will ensure your baby has the necessary elevation in a safe and convenient way. Product with antibacterial formula!stopka


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Material composition

elastomer, polypropylene

Dimensions L / W / H

42,5 cm/ 28,5 cm/ 14,5 cm

Quantity in packing unit

5 pcs

Quantity on pallet

440 kg

Pallet weight

236 kg

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+48 52 345 31 06/07 ext. 28/36

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