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1327 Bath ring PANDA


Bath ring Panda offers comfort during bathing in a bathtub or paddling pool. The shape of the chair covers the child’s anatomy, ensures sitting position and allows full freedom of movement of the legs and handles.

The product allows free washing of the whole body without the effort of the bather. The inner edges of the backrest are additionally finished with elastomer, which protects against possible abrasions of the skin. The product has a high backrest profiled under the back of the child, will be a relief for his strengthening spines. By ensuring stability and safety during use of the chair by the child, 4 suction cups are mounted on its base, which guarantee stable attachment to insurance. The toy, thanks to the rounded shapes, 3 colored circles make the baby’s bath even more pleasant. The product was additionally decorated with lincsed graphic Bing, applied with a safe modern method of printing applications – IML.

Maltex is served by a company using baby bath chairs. Made in Poland from the best materials, from proven suppliers. The product is BPA free. Easy to clean – just wash it with soap and rinse with warm water, wipe it or let it dry.



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Material composition

elastomer, polypropylene

Dimensions L / W / H


Quantity in packing unit

27 pcs

Quantity on pallet

54 pcs.

Pallet weight

105 kg

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